Bread and Batter, Seafood

Tuna Roll

For those of you who know me quite well, my TV is always showing the food channel 24/7. One thing they (the many tv programmes shown on channels 427, 433, 435…) like to showcase ‘lobster rolls’. Lobster rolls are simply lobster in a hotdog bun. Ha ha. Only the Westerners can make something so mundane into something so interesting and delicious.

Of course I didn’t have enough cash to buy a lobster just to make lobster roll. But I had tuna! Heh. The secret for making the best tuna roll? COLD tuna (so pop it in the fridge to chill after mashing them up with some mayo) and lots of vegetables and a warm bun. I used the hotdog buns at Giant from their in-house bakery. The rolls are firmer, softer, and definitely tastier.

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