In Indonesia, they eat this for breakfast. Over here, we eat this for lunch or dinner. I never grew up eating rice for breakfast until I entered JC. The canteen food was just so irresistible. Strange? But true. Oh well.

In oil, heat the spice paste. The spice paste consists of fresh red chillies, a few pieces of birds eye chillis, garlic and two onion bulbs plus a handful of ikan bilis. Don't blend too fine as you still want bits and pieces of ikan bilis. See that strange garlic bulb that was saved by the blade? Ha ha.


Once the paste is cooked, scramble in two eggs and then stir in the cooked rice.


Add salt to the rice and stir well till the rice is a beautiful hot crimson. Usually, it's not hot even though the colour looks fiery, but that night, I used bird's eyes chillis so they were deliciously hot.