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Agedashi Tofu

After I made this, I think buying agedashi tofu now is pretty ridiculous because this dish is ridiculously easy to make.

For the tofus,  simply fry soft tofu! Just coat the tofu squares with corn flour. I used a mixture of corn flour and rice flour. Dust the squares of soft tofu just before you want to plop them in the hot oil. I realised that when I did the coating early and saw that while I was waiting for the oil to get hot, the tofu disintegrated. It got stuck tot he metal bowl and somehow sitting in the corn flour mixture made them go soft. Luckily for me, I managed to salvage whatever I had.

The sauce is  just dashi stock, soy sauce, sugar. Well, the original recipe also calls for sake and mirin. Even omitting the alcohol resulted in a yummy sauce.

I boiled bonito flakes to make the stock. Strain till the liquid is clear. Use konbu pieces too if you have.
The strained clear dashi stock.
To the dashi stock, add sugar and soy sauce.

And then, add the two together and you get agedashi tofu!

In the sauce you can add mushrooms, cooked baby prawns (shelled), asparagus. I only used spring onion. And I forgot to add some more fresh bonito flakes on top. 😦

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