Crumbed Baked Pollock Cod

I saw crumbed fish on Chopped plenty of times. And what do you know? Yesterday while toasting some bread in the oven, I lost track of them and they got hard. So today, I whizzed them in a food processor and added some herbs (dried) and garlic salt. In a pan, I fried the pollock cod (frozen, from NTUC) and then before putting them in the oven to finish cooking, patted the crumbs on top. The result? Great recipe except execution wise, I overcooked the fish. But The Little Girl said, “It’s not dry for me, I love it. So crispy!” Give it a try if you have breadcrumbs to spare.

The cod is fantastic. They weren't expensive at all less than 6 dollars for that whole lot. It was on sale.

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