Fried Chicken Thighs with Apple Chutney

The Hubby said that I’ve perfected fried chicken because each time I cook it, even though they are all using different recipes and spices, they turn out crispy and juicy. Yay for me! Boo for my waistline 😦

This time round, I marinated the chicken thighs using lime juice, paprika (love them), black pepper, salt and garlic salt. Coat them with beaten egg and the flour (mixed with paprika again and black pepper) and fry till done. The skin will always be super crispy when fried this way.

But the real kicker is the apple relish. I got the idea from watching Sunny Anderson (from Cooking for Real) when she made a pear relish. I used apple and instead of cider vinegar, used balsamic and added in a couple of cloves. I used brown sugar (quite a lot to bring down the acidity of it all) and while that was cooking, kept tasting to adjust the seasoning. Luckily for me, The Hubby loved the relish, though The Little Girl hated it. I suppose apples have to look and taste like apples for little girls.


Experiment. Use whatever there is in the fridge. Try out new combinations.


Next time, I want to try using a mixture of plain flour and polenta since I have like leftovers and have no idea what to do with them. Experiment.
Apple Relish. Oh I forgot, to speed up the thickening proess, I added half a teaspoon of cornstarch.
Dinner! The overdone bread? One piece I cut into squares as croutons for the salad.
Use these Sadia brand frozen chicken thighs. Affordable, easy to cook and the skin is just delicious when fried.


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