My aunt has an easy  tiramisu recipe and this afternoon, I finally used her recipe. The topping was fantastic, the end product looked good but when we tasted the whole thing after it was chilled, I kicked myself (not literally). The fingers were bitter, bitter to the core! (I penalise students for using the phrase ‘to the core’ but this was really to the core of bitterness, as bitter as bitter can get!) I didn’t add sugar to the coffee mixture for dipping the fingers in! Argh! Do try this at home because it’s really simple to make and delicious. Just don’t forget to add SUGAR to the coffee mixture.

For the creamy topping: 1 litre of whipping cream, 1 packet of Philly's cream cheese and 1 cup of sugar plus a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Beat till creamy but do not overbeat it. Just enough to scoop it with a spoon.
Dip the lady's fingers (at Cold Storage or Carrefour) in a tablespoon of coffee mixed with hot water and SUGAR. Layer them with the cream mixture in a see through bowl - it just looks pretty.
Top with cocoa powder and shaved dark chocolate. Leave to chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.

As imperfect as my tiramisu was, there was only a little left in the fridge. The other bowl I intended to bring to the in-laws tomorrow. The excuse I’ll give? It’s intentional because sugar is bad for diabetics! ;p


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