Fish and Fried Mushrooms

Remember the pollock cod? I bought a pack again (it’s $5.80) and decided to make fish and chips. Except of course, I didn’t have any potatoes or french fries. So I decided to fry the fish using Chef Wan’s recipe for fish and chips and put them in between slices of sourdough rye bread that I had bought from Carrefour.

When I dipped the fish in the batter, I thought it won’t be crispy but it was! I love Chef Wan’s recipes. It always turns out fine.

The batter has to sit for an hour but I only let it rise for 20 minutes. The recipe called for fresh yeast and beer (yes, beer) but I used dried active yeast, added a bit of honey and tepid water to plain flour, salt and white pepper.
Fry in fresh hot oil till brown and crispy.
I squeezed a bit of fresh lemon juice on the fish.
It looks like a piece of fried chicken from this angle.


Flaky white crispy fish.

I served these with fried white button mushrooms cut in half using the leftover batter.

Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top before serving.

Totally unhealthy, totally delicious.

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