Plum Pie

I’ve always always wanted to bake a sweet pie. But I wasn’t daring enough to make the pastry from scratch. Not now anyway. So I bought a ready-mixed pie crust from Betty Crocker. It was fantastic. Since it was fantastic, now I wonder if I ought to learn how to make the pie crust from scratch after all. It was so easy. All you do is pour half of the mixture into a bowl, add a few teaspoons of cold water (follow instructions on the box) and then form into a ball. Like magic.

Now, the filling on the other hand, wasn’t so easy to make. I wanted to use plums because they were on sale at NTUC. I mean, 11 for 1.99…come on. I had to make a pie from all them beautiful purple plums. NOT! The first spoonful my unfortunate brother put in his mouth made him wince like crazy. So I put a teaspoon into my mouth and immediately I was brought back to the days of Super Lemon back in secondary school. Goodness Gracious Me! Luckily, not every mouthful turned out to be a fight with acid. Other spoonfuls turned out pretty OK. My mother then said, “I don’t think when they said plums in the recipe, they meant our kind of plums. There is such a thing as ‘sugar plums’.” And then it clicked. Oh, yeah…sugar plums…. What a dope. Anyway, the recipe for the filling is super easy and I would use it again to make my Plum Pie version 2 using SUGAR PLUMS.


1. Plums, quartered

2. 2/3 cups of sugar

3. 11/2 tbs corn flour

4. cinnamon powder

5. s spritz of lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients well.

Before baking, brush the top with milk and sprinkle sugar.


I think the slits I cut were too big so the sauce spilled over.


It would have been better if I had served this with vanilla ice-cream. Interestingly, there were no leftovers!

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