This Raya I managed to squeeze some time to bake cookies. One of the two, yes two, cookies I baked is a chocolatey chip cookie using The Domestic Goddess’ recipe. I doubled the proportion since one butter is 250 g (hers called for 125 g butter). The result was good. Awesome. For the second batch, I used orange dark chocolate but the orange flavour wasn’t pronounced. Try this recipe as it is worth all the money you have to spend on Hershey’s cocoa, Hershey’s chocolate chips and 200g of dark chocolate bar (the recipe called for 250g, though).

The Recipe I used

Beat 250g butter (salted) with 150g brown sugar till creamy. Add 200g melted dark chocolate (use good quality dark ones). Add 2tsp vanilla and 2 eggs and continue beating till everything is smooth and rich. Add 300g all-purpose flour,1 tsp salt, 2 tsp bicarbonate soda and 60g cocoa powder. Stir in chocolate chips and voila! A beautiful, smooth, dark, rich, luxurious batter. Mmmmm….