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Thai Green Chicken Curry

I seem to have some sort of memory loss. I though I posted this already but it seems I haven’t. Oh well. I wanted to post about this Thai Green Curry. I like Green Curry. It’s rich and flavourful. I got the recipe from the internet after my friend told me that she had cooked a successful green chicken curry from a recipe off the web. I thought I’d give it a go and whaddya know? It turned out delicious. The only problem was that my chicken was tough. First time ever. I didn’t boil the chicken long enough. But seriously, this is so simple yet delicious to make that there really is no point paying so much from a Thai restaurant when you can do it yourself at home cheaply.

In a blender/chopper, add onions; garlic; ginger; one lemongrass; 5 big green chillies; a big bunch of coriander; pepper; fish sauce; cumin powder; coriander powder; a bit of palm sugar. Blend till it forms a paste.
In a pot, add chicken, the green paste, water and boil till the chicken is cooked and tender.
Pour in one box of coconut cream and pieces of brinjal.
Season with salt and sprinkle fresh coriander over.
The gravy is super delicious, especially when served with hot rice.


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