What exactly is chow mein noodles? I so insisted that the fried hokkien mee noodles I made one night for dinner be called just that. My sister calls it “Mee Goreng Cina Step American” which roughly translates to Fried Chinese Noodles ala America. What a misnomer. Let me tell you why I insist this is not the usual fried noodles we get here. Well, for a start, I used Hoi Sin sauce. Tell me, where in the world can we get Hoi Sin sauce? In USA! An invention created by the Chinese Americans which incidentally, I love! I doubt many Chinese here have even used this sauce. There is only one brand selling this at NTUC – Lee Kum Kee and is made in Hong Kong.

I used both yellow Hokkien noodles and Laksa Noodles for a bite. The noodles really turned out nice except that I had too much ingredients and even when I used two packets of these noodles, were insufficient. It would be better if you use prawns and some beef. I used chicken fillets diced and fish cake plus ngoh hiang pieces.

I fried with garlic and ginger paste, added in the ingredients, then the noodles and then the Hoi Sin sauce plus a bit of light soya sauce (Premium) and then the vegetables go in.  I also used a bit of chicken broth to wet it.