Nasi Ambeng

It really has been ages since I last updated this blog. In the meantime, I’ve been reading other Singaporean food blogs, some of which I really like. I’ll add their links in my Pages tab.

I love nasi ambeng. It’s my one Malay food weakness. I decided to make one during Hari Raya when my mom wanted to pop over for a visit. Well, this is a rendition of the traditional nasi ambeng. A traditional nasi ambeng would consist of rendang (usually beef), begedil (potato patty), fried tempeh and tahu (tau kwa), fried fish, sambal belacan, cucumbers – all the good things that make life worth living ;p

My version was chicken rendang (which turned out to be more like chicken sambal), urap (vegetable salad), begedil, fried tempeh and tau kwa and sambal belacan. I served it all on a plate lined with banana leaf. And I got the helper to make asam rebus (vegetable sweet and sour soup) which I will make and share it with all of you.

This is what I served that day – individual plates for all who came that day to visit.

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