I love urap. This is another dish that I will order without fail if it is on the menu. That day when I made nasi ambeng, I also made urap. My urap consisted of blanched kang kong, raw taugeh (bean sprouts), and raw finely sliced four-winged beans or in Malay, we call it kacang botol.

For the ‘dressing’, I toasted shredded coconut and when it has turned colour, put it in a bowl with toasted blended dried shrimps, finely sliced onions, sambal belacan and lots of lime juice. And then mix the coconut mixture with the vegetables and serve. However, be careful because this dish won’t keep long so it’s best to make just before serving.

And ooopsy. I forgot to take a picture of my urap. Use your imagination or look carefully at the picture of my nasi ambeng. ;p