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Chinese Dumplings with Minced Meat

I love dumplings. The gyoza or pan-fried version. It is, however, not easy to execute. I’ve watched how it is done on TV and on Youtube plenty of times but it never turned out great. This is my second attempt and though better than my first attempt, still has loads of room for improvement.

For the filling, I mixed minced beef with a bit of water and hoi sin sauce and sesame oil. For the dumpling skins, I used ready made Swatow skins from NTUC. The next time I make these gyozas, I will make my own skin so that it would be better and more refined. This ready made method, though lacking in finesse, is still delicious and cheaper than eating gyozas from the coffeeshop.

Make the filling first. I added in chopped spring onions also.
Add about a tablespoon of filling into the round skins and then fold and pleat. This is the most difficult part. Dab the edge with water to make it stick together. However, it gets really sticky and difficult to execute. I suppose this is when practice ought to make it easier.
In a saucepan that has a tight fitting lid, add in a bit of oil and then place dumplings. Add water and cover to steam. Unfortunately, all my saucepans with lids have a tiny hole that allows steam to escape. The best is a lid with no holes.
Once all the water has evaporated, the dumplings are ready to serve.
These made a wonderful breakfast for my family. I like the flavour of the filling because of the hoi sin sauce.

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