Desserts, Malay

Bubur Pulut Hitam

For some inexplicable reason, I felt compelled to make this local dessert that firstly, I hardly eat and secondly, I have never made before. Last Sunday then, after a visit to my in-laws, I stopped by local grocer and asked for this ‘pulut hitam’ rice. The Chinese man nodded and led me to the fridge. Puzzled, I then started spluttering in Singlish and Malay thinking he didn’t understand what I wanted. He just coolly took out this big basin, opened the lid and lo and behold, I saw lots and lots of black rice. Then, I asked the stupidest question, “Is this real one or fake?” That cracked him and The Hubby. The reason I asked was that my MIL had told me that there are poor quality of rice and that if you buy the ‘fake’ version, the rice will not turn black but just white. And so my other silly question to the shop owner was, “This one when cooked will turn black, right?” He answered, “No. Purple.” Hahahahaha. I mean, I know bubur pulut hitam when cooked can’t be black. Oh, well. Tentative, I bought 200g and made this the minute I got home.

After washing the rice thoroughly, toast them till the rice starts to 'dance' in a pan.
Meanwhile, heat water in a pot. When water is boiled, add the rice and then add some palm sugar (gula melaka) and about 10 tbsp of sugar. Boil till the rice is done. Oh, add a few pieces of pandan leaves when boiling. Boil, boil, boil.
When the rice is done, it should be a nice thick watery consistency. In a separate bowl, mix some coconut milk with salt and then drizzle over the bowl of rice.
This is actually a very healthy dessert. And its delicious. Give local desserts a try one day!

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