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Cinnamon French Toast with Strawberry Sauce

I’ve been making breakfast for two or three colleagues nowadays. Last Friday, I decided to make French toast. This time round, I wanted to make it the real Western way. Well, almost. The real way to make French toast is to make a custard out of eggs, cream, sugar and seasoning. The Singaporean way, and the way I’ve been making for years, is just to use beaten egg. I believe I had an earlier post on cinnamon french toast. Anyway, as I didn’t have cream, I used Carnation milk instead. And then, because I had a boxful of strawberries, I decided to make strawberry sauce.

Four eggs, carnation milk, one vanilla bean, cinnamon, sugar.
I fried purely in butter and I used wholemeal bread,.
Sliced strawberries, with sugar and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Boil till it becomes syrupy. Chill in the fridge.
I cut the bread into half, and when cooled dust powdered sugar on top, a quarter teaspoon of honey and put the strawberry sauce on the side with a few mint leaves.

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