Bread and Batter, Meat, Western


I just had this two minutes ago. Yummy. And cheap. If you think about it, one packet of ground beef costs about $5 plus a packet of burger buns (four inside) costs about $2. Cheese is what? A few cents. Let’s say everything is about $8 and you can make about 5 patties; why, that’s about $2 per burger! And, you get a super thick burger meat for that instead of that paper thin burger meat they try to pass off at fast food outlets.

I’ve watched Diners Drive-Ins and Dives plenty of times and one thing I noticed is that the diners in America only season their meat with salt and pepper. Nothing more. It’s the other extra stuff that makes a burger good.

So this is what I made for our family dinner:

Season with salt and pepper and form thick patties. Use this kind of spatula to flip your burgers. Any thicker and chances are you will break the patty. This is patty no. 5. So if you make smaller patties, you can make more burgers!
Oil a griller pan (I used olive oil) and cook the patties. Don't overcook. Once the bottom of one side has browned, flip over and continue cooking till required doneness.
Once you are almost ready to take the patty out, slap on a good quality cheese. Or any cheese for that matter. I used smoked cheese.
While the patty is still cooking away, slather some mayo and any condiment onto bread. I used this chilli chutney. It turned out to be deliciously sweet. A great ingredient for meat.
Eat it while it's hot! Of course you can add whatever toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc etc but for today, I just wanted a simple juicy cheeseburger. And juicy it was!

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