Poultry, Sides

Chicken, Apple and Carrot Wontons

I love making wontons. This is my second wonton post. What’s not to love about this tiny little fried parcels?

This time round I used chicken fillet grounded and then added shredded red apple and carrot. I flavoured it with hoisin sauce and a bit of sesame oil. Oh, and a bit of shredded cabbage too. Hence, this time round, the wontons were not dry (normally, I’d just use chicken meat and a carrot or water chestnut) but they were very light and hollow inside. They disappeared fast, though.

The filling.
Aren't they just so cute?
I used to make them and store them in plastic containers to give away to my moms.
I like to eat my wontons with the dark thick sticky sweet soy sauce.

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