Salads and Vegetables, Sides

Fresh Figs

Yesterday while I was doing some errands at Little India, I decided to pop over Chia’s to get some salad. I chose some arugula and while waiting for the stallowner to look up from his work (he was so busy calculating some invoices) I chanced upon a box of lovely purple fruit. There was a lovely purplish blush to it and then I saw in small print the word ‘fig’. My eyes lit up instantly. I asked him, “Are those fresh figs?” He looked up and I think he could see the wild excitement in my eyes (I have super huge bulging eyes) and actually put down his calculator to tell me more about fresh figs. He even said that he actually sells them year round but need to order first. He only displayed them because they were in season. Well, I had to buy them. I’ve tasted dried figs before but never the fresh ones!

Back at my mom’s, I was so excited cutting into the fruit. No wonder all my favourite chefs, especially my imaginary boyfriend, Jamie, loves it to bits. The fruit is luscious and so so sweet! Mmmmmmm….. I have found my favourite fruit.

You can eat the whole thing, skin included.
Arugula, fresh figs and feta cheese.
Salad with balsamic, honey vinagrette.

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