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Singapore Laksa

The Little Girl has been craving for laksa. She just loves laksa and so do I but I’ve got absolutely no idea how to make it. The Malay style laksa which looks the same as the Singapore one uses fish. Well. I decided to cop out and do the Singapore style Chinese version which doesn’t use fish at all in its gravy.

At my favourite (actually, not favourite but more like convenient) NTUC, I called my mom and asked her what goes into the paste. Oh, the usual, she replied. Onions, garlic, lots of dried shrimp,… Simple enough. I grabbed the ingredients I needed and then when I wanted to buy the tau pok (fried/dried tofu) I noticed this…

Well, well. I grabbed that packet.

Back home in the kitchen, I made the paste. In a blender, I added onions, garlic, a bit of belacan, dried shrimp, bunga kantan (ginger torch flower), lemongrass, fresh turmeric. And blended all of them with a bit of water to form a paste.

After which, I fried the paste in oil till the oil separates from the paste, added coconut milk and water. Then, I added in the ready made paste. I added  fishballs, tau pok, and a bit of  daun kesom (laksa leaves) and then, voila! My first attempt at making laksa.

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