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Spinach and Feta Cheese Fillo Pie

I have always wanted to try working with fillo pastry but am so intimidated by accounts of how thin it is, and that you’ve got to keep it constantly under a cloth so that it won’t dry out etc etc that this box I bought had been sitting in my freezer compartment for months.

And then one day, I bravely took it out from the freezer and put it in the fridge to thaw. And it stayed there in the fridge compartment for another week. Ha ha. But then, I saw a box of frozen spinach at Cold Storage going for only about less than four dollars and I resolved to make that fillo pie that very weekend.

That Saturday, I …

sauteed garlic in olive oil, added one beef frankfurter sliced (there was only one left in the fridge, poor liil' fella), then some pine nuts (a quarter bag of some leftover pine nuts I bought from waay back last year), the frozen spinach and then voila! I got my filling all done. Oh, and seasoning of course - the usual salt and black pepper.


When I unrolled the fillo, I realised they were of almost the same size as the pie dish. So I didn't cut. After placing one layer, I brushed melted butter, and then place another layer. I think I used about six layers.
In went the filling, and then I crumbled feta cheese over.
For the top, it was another six layers of fillow and then all those overhanging edges, I just closed them in. I brushed some melted butter on and sprinkled sesame seeds.
Beautiful and golden when fresh out from the oven.
Eat it hot. Or else the pastry will be soft and chewy - not nice. The family liked it so looks like I'll be making one of these things again.

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