Asian Dishes, Poultry, Singapore

Ayam Pongteh

Having to create lesson packages for Emily of Emerald Hill ignited my obsession for Peranakan food for a while. For quite some time, I was craving Peranakan dishes. I made my mother cook mee siam and then bought kueh pie tee shells from Cold Storage so that my mother is forced to make the filling for it. To be fair, the first time I did compensate her but when the craving came again, I just bought the pie tee cups and asked her ever so sweetly to make the filling. Again.

Then one night I decided to open up my old Peranakan cookbook written by a famous Malaysian cook – Florence Tan – and found a recipe so simple that it begged to be cooked that very night. Yes, that very night (anyway, I had a defrosted chicken lying around in the fridge) I made this simple simple dish, following exact measurements given (using my baking cups to measure out my taucheong!) and it was a success. The kids and the adult loved it.

The Recipe

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