Asian Dishes, Seafood

Sambal Stingray

Yesterday I decided to bake fish but there was no fresh fish. So I bought stingray from the seafood section in NTUC and cut it up into smaller pieces. Inspired by a Suria  show that featured ikan pais or ikan pepes (fish wrapped in banana leaf and then steamed in aromatic herbs and then grilled before serving), I decided to do  a sambal one. I cut up a small piece of aluminium (I had forgotten to buy banana leaf) and spread a tablespoon of sambal. Then, I placed on fish and then smothered it in sambal and then lay on top a couple pieces of kaffir lime leaves. The smell when it was baking in the oven was fantastic. The only downside is that since it was baked in the oven, the skin was not crispy. I need a hot grill for this. Then also, I need a Kitchen aid mixer. And a panini maker. And also I am dreaming of an ice-cream machine. Sigh. And the list goes on…

Parcels of sambalicious rays...

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