Beef Brisket in Tomato Stew

I went to Joe’s one day and saw this packet of beef. It said ‘brisket’. In my mind, I was thinking of those barbecue cuts of meat I see on American channels. They’d marinate with a dry rub and barbecue the brisket till soft. But the butcher told me that this is not the usual brisket, or rather, not the cut I had in mind. There is a lot of fat. Not much meat. I decided to buy a packet anyway as a kilo at $12 was affordable.

Back home, i kept it and just a few days ago, I decided to defrost the meat. True enough, there was a lot of fat. I decided then to make a stew since the butcher had told me it takes around two hours to cook the meat. The butcher had cut the meat into nice cubes. 🙂

In olive oil, I browned the meat cubes then took it out. Then I sauteed garlic and added the meat back in with sprigs of rosemary, bay leaves, carrots, a can of Leggo’s pasta sauce, salt and black pepper. Then I cooked for two hours. Maybe three. Oh, you have to use a heavy bottom pot for this. At the last minute when I was sure the meat was soft and tender, I added a can of cannelini beans(white beans). The result was super delicious soft, gelatinous meat and lovely tomato-ey sauce. Mmmm…I ate it with pita bread, The Help had hers with white rice, and The Girl just had the meat.It was a good buy and I think a few months later, I’ll be cooking this again.

Brown the meat in olive oil.
Stir the mixture once in a while to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom and to add a bit of hot water if the sauce too dry.
Hmm...I really am bad in taking photos. The colour is supposed to be a dark rich red.
It may not look nice in the picture, but trust me, it is delicious and rich. If you think about it, it's store bought pasta sauce in a meat gravy. How bad can it be?

Beef brisket. I’ll give it another go, maybe another recipe next time. ;p

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