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Salmon and Kipper Fish Cakes

I’ve been wanting to make some sort of fish patty but never did. Then one evening, I was watching The Delicious Miss Dahl on BBC Lifestyle. She (Sophie Dahl) was making a simple fish cake she grew up on. It was simply salmon with crab meat mixed with mayonnaise, Dijon mustard etc. You can google for her recipe like I did.

The reason I wanted to make a fish patty was the fact that I had one piece of salmon in the freezer and one piece of smoked kipper from months ago. We tried smoked kipper a few months ago after a trip to Mustafa  and although we liked the flavour of the smoked kipper, the countless bones was a big put off. But, aha, I had The Help who could help me get rid of the bones. And so she did. But when I wanted to make the fish patty, lo and behold, I found more bones. Tsk tsk. This kipper is full of tiny tiny bones waiting to choke the unsuspecting foodie.

For the salmon, I just put it in a pot of boiling water till just done. Do not overcook salmon. In the bowl, add mayo, mustard, sliced scallions. I added black pepper and my smoked paprika.
Shape into large balls and then flatten slightly. Because everything is cooked, all it needs is a few minutes in a very shallow pan of olive oil till the top and bottom get crispy browned.
Drain on paper towels and then serve. Sophie Dahl served with homemade tartare sauce. I used Heinz.

It was the best thing on the plate that day. And I had exactly four. The only thing is the next time, I will have to use all salmon as there is no way I am going to buy smoked kippers again.


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