The weather is absolutely abominable. It’s so humid and hot I can barely breathe. The rain just now only gave such a short respite and now it’s stuffy stuffy stuffy. So here I am on the comfort of my bed with the fan blowing just inches away from my face updating all the food I’ve cooked but had no time to update.

I’ll start off with ondeh-ondeh. My favorite kuih, or one of my favorites. Anything gooey and chewy …

I didn’t know that ondeh-ondeh is made from sweet potatoes. The key is to use the correct flour. It’s actually oh so simple to make but to get it looking just perfect and gorgeous takes some skill and practice. I need those.

I microwave steamed 3 Jap sweet potatoes and then mash them up. After weighing them, I added an equal weight amount of glutinous rice flour into the mixture. But before that I added a bit of panda juice and green food coloring. Form into a dough.
Pull off a bit of dough and roughly form into a ball, make a well in the centre of it and add your crushed gula melaka. Now, I use only gula melaka from melaka. And lucky for me, the Sec 2s go there every year and so this year, I'll get my yearly supply of top quality gula melaka from jonker street. Woots! ANYWAY as you can see it's so easy to make that The Little Girl made 15 of these.
This were not easy to roll. Next time, I won't crush the gula into powder but cut them into pieces so they'll be easier to stuff.
Boil them (don't overcrowd) and once they float to the surface, scoop them out. Do not over boil.
Once done, roll them in pandan steamed salted shredded coconut. From this picture, you can see that some of the ondeh-ondeh looked like they had leaked. They weren't leaking but that since there was gula melaka on the outer part of the ondeh-ondeh, it melted also when boiled.

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