Orange Flavoured Caramel Egg Custard

This is a super simple recipe my mom taught me when I was a teenager. Its caramel with custard, steamed and then refrigerated, and then eaten for tea.

I hated steaming because well, I am too lazy to take out the humongous steamer out. So I baked this. The result was tasty but it didn’t have that silken texture. It was pockmarky and dense. Hahaha..but still lovely enough, even for my mom.

All I did was in a bowl whisk 5 eggs with sugar (I estimated, but I reckon about 3/4 cups) and then added a bit of vanilla essence (extract of course better if you aren’t Muslim). And then a whole can of Carnation milk. I squeezed in a whole Sunkist orange with its zest into the mixture. Before that, I melted a cup of sugar till its caramelized and poured that into my pyrex bowl. I added the mixture to the bowl and then baked it till done. And then refrigerate.

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