Prata Dessert

I learnt of this from my colleagues. Not the prata dough, that I know, but what innovative ways one can do with it!

One colleague, because of an absolute no fry rule in the house, had to be ultra innovative. And she used prata dough ( you know, the kind you get at the frozen section in the supermarket) to make epok-epok! She cooked all the filling first (meat and potatoes) and then waited for the dough to get slightly soft before quickly folding and crimping with a for, I presumed. And then she baked it.

Another colleague told how he and his wife would sprinkle sugar on the prata dough, roll it up like a cigar and then sprinkle some more sugar before putting it in the toaster for breakfast. Yummy!

So I did it today for breakfast. The sugar version. I had cinnamon sugar left from making the pretzels the other time. I also had like 2 strawberries in the fridge. So I sprinkled the cinnamon sugar and a bit more caster sugar, topped it with sliced strawberries and then folded in half. One I folded in half, the other two I managed to be patient and wait a while longer for the prata dough to be more pliable so that I could roll it. The toasting in the oven took rather a long time -a good 20 minutes. But it was yummy. The prata was toasting for so long that when it was finally ready, the filling had turned jammy. Mmmm….

Before toasting. Cinnamon sugar in and on.

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