Meat, Middle Eastern/Turkish, Soups


I wished I had discovered this soup earlier. This is such a tasty, lovely, tomato-ey soup which everyone I served that day slurped it up dry.

On Mothers’ Day, I invited my family over and made harira, moussaka, a salad and tiramisu for lunch.

This harira recipe I got off the internet and they are basically the same ingredients: blended onions, lots of finely chopped fresh coriander and parsley, paprika (I used smoked), black pepper, powdered ginger, black pepper, salt, tomato sauce (a bottle of passata works perfectly), tomato paste/puree, meat cubes (I used brisket), lentils, chickpeas, vermicelli, water,  and a mixture of flour and water paste to thicken.

My version that day was without the chickpeas and I made my soup slightly thicker so that they could dunk it with toasted bread. This is a Moroccan dish, one of their national dishes I think, and I have influenced at least two colleagues to cook this dish, one of whom made it two days consecutively for dinner.

Harira Soup in the tureen
The Mothers’ Day spread. Mommy brought beautifully baked salmon and dill rice. I forgot to place the salad plate for the table but it had beautiful yellow, orange and red baby capsicums.

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