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I made madeleines this morning. I had to do some research, watching YouTube videos and reading some other blog sites on this topic.

To summarise what I’ve learnt and today’s actual practice:

1. The longer the batter is chilled, the better the outcome will be
2. The tray moulds do matter. Metal non stick pans are way superior than those new age rubber moulds
3. Lemon zest MUST be added. It adds so much ooomph to the cakes.
4. Make batter one or even three days ahead as they do keep in the fridge and bake only when the guests have arrived as they are so quick to bake and taste best super fresh.

20131103-175623.jpg store batter in airtight container

20131103-175722.jpg first bake using the rubber mould. Chilled for only an hour. No rise. Colour is pale. Tastes good but does not look good.





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