I’ve never shown food from eating places before but since this mommy has not been cooking for quite some time, I can afford to share what I ate. Besides, they might serve as an inspiration. Already I’m inspired to try and cook some of the dishes from fika’s exciting menu.

Today I tried three dishes. Out of the three, the best for me was the mushroom crepe. Yummy! The second dish was crayfish pasta. I didn’t care much for the sauce. Lastly was the Swedish meatballs. I definitely prefer this to IKEA’s halal meatballs. They were softer and the cream sauce was more authentic than the brown processed looking one at IKEA’s. The next time I eat here, I’ll be having creeps and their famous lingonberry cheesecake. Fika has been operating for years already yet today was the first time I tried their food. Talk about procrastination…