This evening I roasted duck. The outcome was fairly good, only I wished I had the time to roast it for an hour longer so the skin will be paper crispy.

I first washed and patted the duck dry. Then scored the duck. I rubbed five spice powder and salt all over really well and then in a 150 degree oven, roasted it for an hour. While roasting, I made the glaze. In a saucepan I boiled molasses, honey, star anise, cloves and mandarin peel and a bit of water till syrupy. After one hour in the oven, remove the duck fat that would have accumulated in the tray, turn duck over and roast for another hour. The final hour glaze the duck with the marinade. Like I said, another hour of pure roasting before the hour I glazing would have been perfect. But the duck meat came out succulent and not dry, the flavour from the five spice and marinade really lovely.