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Super soft buttery buttermilk biscuits

This morning I wanted to use some leftover buttermilk. So I made biscuits. This time round I was determined to make them like KFCs or Texas chicken.

In a bowl I added 2.5 cups of self raising flour then grated 100g of French butter and rubbed the mixture in. For good measure, I added a bit more butter to the crumbly mixture. Then quickly I stirred in the fridge cold buttermilk. Do not over stir. The mixture was wet but just nice to be scooped with my ice cream spoon. Drop them onto greased trays and pop into a hot oven (190 degrees).

I made two kinds. After the first tray, I added shredded cheddar and black pepper to the remaining mix.

The result was super moist biscuits. Even after six hours, they were still soft and not dry. Of course, it’s best to pop them in the toaster first. Drizzle with honey or eat with butter and jam. Yum!




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