Noodles and Pasta

Shirataki noodles

I heard of these zero calorie noodles from watching The Hungry girl. After a quick google, I found that only the Isetan supermarket in Orchard road sells this.

Apparently it’s good stir fried dry and thankfully I did so. I must say that while the noodles themselves contain no calories, the sauce and all the other ingredients do pile the calories so be cautious if using these noodles to really lose weight.

The texture is really really really springy and it slides down your throat so be careful when swallowing and make sure the noodles go down the right pipe! I was so afraid that my four year old would not be able to take this and didn’t dare let him try some.

It’s a good try, and great fun to eat. The zero calories is a big draw but since its not easily accessible here, I’ll just eat regular noodles and walk more. 😁

I dry fried with the usual garlic and then seasoned with soy sauce and abalone sauce. I added tons of veggie like bean sprouts and baby spinach. I also added sliced fish cakes and lots of chillies.




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