Cottage pie

I know I’ve made this before but today I was inspired to make them individually in aluminium bowls.

I was also very inspired to make the topping using a mix of Japanese sweet potatoes and russet potatoes.

For the beef mixture, I sautéed garlic and three onions till soft in my herb flavoured EVOO. Then I added the minced beef. I added a can of tomato paste and about 3 tbsp of jalapeño Tabasco sauce. I then added two finely chopped habanero peppers. I added lots of Worcestershire sauce and added chicken stock and water till the meat is cooked and the whole mixture is thick and saucy. Towards the end I added salt and black pepper.

For the topping I boiled almost 2kg of potatoes and 1kg of Japanese sweet potatoes. I used a ricer to pulverise the root veggies and then added fresh milk, butter, salt, black pepper and a handful of freshly grated Parmesan.

I must say it was enjoyable but then again, who doesn’t like meat and potatoes together? 😉







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