Appetisers for School Dinner

Last Friday was the school’s anniversary and I had to help out with the reception for the VIPs. I must say I was very impressed with the boys and girls.

They came up with their version of Peking duck but if course using chicken thighs which they marinated with five spice powder and baked in the oven. They also made their own plum sauce! We were blown away. Home made plum sauce by 15-16 year old schoolboys! They turned out delicious! Anyway, they wrapped a bit of chicken slice with a slice of cucumber with crepe.

I made hummus which turned out too thick especially after sitting for a while in the bowl. The girls piped the hummus onto Ritz biscuits and as a final garnish, one boy suggested using some leftover spring onions! Did I say I was impressed with the kids?



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