Bread and Batter

Jamie Oliver’s Pizza Dough

Last weekend I made pizza from scratch. I remember making this a long long time ago, about 11 years to be precise, for my now hubby. At that time, I made the pizza heart-shaped. I remember in a fit of anger dumping the entire pizza in the bin. Apparently last weekend when I made this pizza he recalled the incident too. What’s even more interesting is that we both don’t remember what the fight was about. This is a lesson we should all learn-life is too short to waste time fighting and arguing and throwing tantrums. We won’t remember them anyway.

The pictures show the steps I followed. I also figured out that 30g of active yeast is equivalent to 3 tablespoons.












I’ve a weakness for all things spicy and the pizza topping was really mild. I peppered my slice with lots if Habanero Tabasco. πŸ˜‹

The last three smallish pizzas I brought to work for brunch with the Breakfast Club colleagues turned friends.

For a full proof pizza dough, I trust Jamie now. πŸ™‚

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