Wingstop in Singapore now

Wingstop, an American chain of buffalo wings opened here a few months ago. Their halal version, Wing Zone, just opened and yesterday I just had to try them. Fried chicken wings? Bring it on!

I had to try the spiciest of the lot-Habanero. Prior to that, I had told The Hubby about my plan to eat here. His reply was that I’d be sorely disappointed because its not spicy at all. He said that the Wingstops over in the States where he’s been at for the past few months are almost always empty.

But I was going to try nonetheless. I brought The Kids and The Helper along on my chicken wings trip. I must say, looking at the menu, I feel like trying them all! Looking at the price, I chickened out. Hur hur.

In the end, I ordered the habanero, the Tokyo dragon and honey BBQ chicken tenders for the kids. And for The Boy, onion rings.

I was sorely disappointed with the Habanero. They weren’t exactly mild but it was sooooo vinegary! The heat itself I could handle but the vinegar. Urgh. I’ll never order that again. I’d rather order something milder and dip the wings in Tabasco habanero for the extra kick.

The Tokyo Dragon on the other hand was good. It was sweet yet spicy.

The onion rings were very crispy too! The Boy enjoyed it a lot.

When I told The Hubby the price, he was surprised and said he could get 3-4 flavours for half the price I paid for. I then had to remind him we are living in the most expensive city in the world. Hur hur.

The trip, however, has fuelled my drive to make buffalo wings at home. I’ll try with different flavour combinations, and maybe make my own habanero version – without all that vinegary taste!


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