Olive Burger

It’s been months since I came back from visiting The Man in Texas. But now that it’s the holidays (nearing the end of mine actually 😦 ) I thought it’s time to update the blog.

Texas was great fun. To be fair, we didn’t really travel to all of Texas, I mean, this is like the biggest state in the US. Most times, we stayed in the hotel room and ventured to the neighbourhoods. Halal food is difficult to find…well, not so actually if one drives. It’s definitely not easy like here in SG, but I’m going to say it’s way easier than let’s say…Japan.

The best place we went to was this burger joint called Olive Burger. It’s so good that even the locals go there. And it’s completely halal so no worries about the meat or alcohol use here.

American burgers are huge. Nothing like the babies we get here. And…they are juicy with lots of delicious toppings. We even thought of opening one in SG – the thought lasted for a good 5 minutes. It fizzled out after the thought was uttered  and expanded – high rental costs, good suppliers, ready Muslim market, long hours, competitors…

In the meantime, we were enjoying Olive Burger’s every week. Drool over the pictures…one day, one fine day when we’ve retired, we might travel all the way to Dallas to satisfy our cravings… ;p

Though, it’s better if you go to the website:





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