Red Lobster – Orlando

In this post, I will share what we ate there. But, I will also make a promise that one day, one fine day, I am soon going to REPLICATE the RED LOBSTER CHEDDAR CHEESE BISCUITS, I KID YOU NOT!

People go there for the seafood. For me, the best thing I ate there were those darn biscuits! They were sooooooo delicious! Yes, The Man ordered lobster, and crabs and we had fish, I think, but the thing that stays in my mind, and the stuff I crave and dream about, are, yes, I shall shout it again, THE TO DIE FOR FREAKING GOOD BISCUITS! Pictures tell a thousand words, though you cannot begin to even imagine how sinfully delicious they are – warm, melts in the mouth, cheesy, savoury goodness. I rest my case.

Stuff of dreams... Stuff of dreams…
They give kids a bib...and adults too I think...Look at The Man reaching for them biscuits! They give kids a bib…and adults too I think…Look at The Man reaching for them biscuits!
Lobster...bleah...where are my biscuits? Lobster…bleah…where are my biscuits?
Crab legs...bleah...where are my biscuits??? Crab legs…bleah…where are my biscuits???

I’ll make them one day soon; I’ve downloaded some knock-off recipes and will try till I get a semblance of the heaven I tasted…


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