Chicken Mattone: Eldorado Parkway, Frisco , Dallas

One of the afternoons, The Man brought us to Frisco to a new halal eatery. The chicken was good as it was cooked over a grill. And no, The Man, if you are reading this blog for the first time, is not the man pictured below.

IMG_2913 We took the picture of our server because he looked so much like the kids’ uncle!
IMG_2911 Canolli. I didn’t like this at all because it was hard and dry. In my mind, when I watch Bobby from Cake Boss, I thought it’d be light and flaky. Obviously, they don’t make good canollis here.
IMG_2910 Chicken was goooood…
IMG_2909 I so love this beetroot salad! I’ll never make beetroot at home and this was delicious.
IMG_2908 The meat was good but but the pilaf was not. It was not seasoned at all.
IMG_2904 The kids looking at how the chicken is cooked.
IMG_2903 Chicken  Mattone. The name of the place.

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