One of the afternoons, The Man brought us to Frisco to a new halal eatery. The chicken was good as it was cooked over a grill. And no, The Man, if you are reading this blog for the first time, is not the man pictured below.

We took the picture of our server because he looked so much like the kids’ uncle!
Canolli. I didn’t like this at all because it was hard and dry. In my mind, when I watch Bobby from Cake Boss, I thought it’d be light and flaky. Obviously, they don’t make good canollis here.
Chicken was goooood…
I so love this beetroot salad! I’ll never make beetroot at home and this was delicious.
The meat was good but but the pilaf was not. It was not seasoned at all.
The kids looking at how the chicken is cooked.
Chicken  Mattone. The name of the place.