Hei Sushi

The wonderful thing about living in this part of the world is getting to have a taste of global cuisine which is halal. Every time I go overseas on holidays, I would wonder if I could survive happily living in a place where I only eat one type of cuisine because that happens to be the only available halal cuisine. Inevitably when Muslims travel to Western places, they’d have to eat Indian or Turkish cuisine- kebabs, curries, Briyanis… Not that they aren’t delicious, don’t get me wrong. But living here in a multicultural tiny island, everyone is pampered for choice when it comes to food.

And I’m luckier to be living near a halal sushi place! The menu at Hei sushi keeps changing (for the better) and just a few days ago, I tried new things there. Such as my new favourite sashimi – managatsuo or butterfish. The taste is exactly like butter! No kidding. 

That day my friend and I had that as well as the usual tempura vegetables, a soft shell crab crepe and Japanese curry rice. 


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