Mediterranean style braised lamb shank

lamb shank needs to be braised for hours. Last night I made this in the oven with s lot of liquid and the result was awesomeness. Today I experimented by just roasting the other two in the oven covered but no liquid. The result was not fork tender meat even though I roasted the shanks for the same number of hours. 

Last night’s one was great. After seasoning and browning the shanks, I placed them back in the pot with olive oil, water, a chicken cube, fresh rosemary, a can of plum whole tomatoes, a can each of kidney and chickpeas, a head of garlic unpeeled, 

salt to season and let it to boil. After that I covered the pot and place the whole pot in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 2.5 hours. 

If ever you’re making lamb shank, make sure they’re braised. I’ll be looking for more flavours to experiment lamb shank. 


The smell was amazing
my favourite was the soft creamy garlic
The Little Girl enjoying the soup and tender meat

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