Oxtail Soup

I made this! I can’t believe I made oxtail soup Singaporean style without using a pressure cooker. All the moms thought I was mad but the result was really a scrumptious treat. It smelled like soup kambing (mutton soup) broth you’d get a hawker centre here. And I believe it’s that delicious because of the 7 hours of boiling we had to do! The Helper was really great. She had to change the water that was used to boil four times, which resulted in a clean smell, no funky smell in my oxtail soup! 


the final boiling water , keep that. . blend onions, gjnger and garlic. peel potatoes and carrots
boiled oxtails. trim big chunks of fat where possible.
in some oil, add cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, lemon grass, corainder and cumin powder,and the blended ingredients. fry till fragrant. then add the water from the boiled oxtails. add the oxtails and continue boiling. add a bit of rempah sop and salt to taste.
just continue boiling and adjust seasoning. add white pepper.
grind fried shallots with some water and add to the soup.
add carrots and potatoes when the oxtails are really tender.
garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

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