Porta-Porta Italian

This is a restaurant  is dear to me. The Man and I have been going here to eat for over a decade now. The food, while delicious, is not exactly stellar but there is no way I can cook delicious Italian fare like the proprietor here nor is there a halal Italian restaurant here that can match hers. 

Last night, we had our usual starters.Simply  divine! The bread is warm and chewy and cruncy all at the same time but what is truly yummy is the four starters. Aubergine in olive oil, mushrooms in olive oil, capsicums in olive oil and the last one, a bit strong, cucumbers or zucchini in anchovie olive oil. Some of these had a splash of vinegar. We HAVE to get this each time we go.

Next, we ordered our tried before spaghetti vongole and lastly, something new, a ciopitto, except that it had a very Italian sounding name. We both kept hearing the waiter attending to us refer to the dish as ‘fishball’. It took us a while to understand he probably meant ‘fish broth’. 


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