I wanted to make mint chutney but there was absolutely no mint. Apparently because of the haze, people here have been buying mint to make a drink to soothe sore throats. But I did see loads of coriander.

So in a blender, I threw in fresh ginger, four green chillies, two teaspoons of freshly ground coriander seeds, two ripe tomatoes, a teaspoon of freshly chopped garlic and two big bunches of fresh coriander. Whiz till fine.

For the souring agent, instead of using yogurt and tamarind juice or in many Indian sites I went which recommends dried pomegranate seeds (I do not think even our local Indian stores here sell these), I used a whole tub of fat free sour cream.

The result was great! Especially when eaten with hot vadai, the coriander sauce proved to be a hit with my family. 


I seasoned with salt at this point.
ooops…not exactly fat free but close enough. hee hee.