Fire Cup Noodle

I was in luck when while walking around this food place, I chances upon the halal version of the Korean fire noodle.

Now, the last post I made it the wrong way after watching a Youtube video. Obviously the clip which I viewed made the noodles incorrectly as well…

So yesterday at my in-laws, in the presence of my BIL Korean wife, I tried making this properly. 

It was super H-O-T. I immediatley had heartburn. And then the heat creeps to the stomach. But it was tasty! After a few bites, you just have to stop and … Recuperate. Haha.


waiting to be mixed…
the noodles were slightly wet. it doesn’t look fiery red here but i did pour out the whole packet
burning red lips. she looked like she was wearing lipstick!

I still have one more packet. When the mood for super spicy food beckons, i shall try again.

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