This morning I baked a simple butter loaf cake. I followed the recipe from faithfully.

Unfortunately, my oven temperature is skewed. Although I turned the knob to 180 as required, the heat was way off. And hence I intend to invest in an external oven thermometer next time to check.

Even though the temperature was high and my cake was overcooked, it wasn’t so bad. It was still moist in the centre, and the leftover batter which I put in cupcake papers produced an even nicer result due to the sugary crunch on top.

Overall, this is certainly a recipe worth keeping. 🙂

butter, sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla essence, self-raising flour. That’s it!
Gently mix in the flour and milk into the butter and sugar and eggs batter which were beaten with an electric mixer. this gentle mixing allows for a light fluffy cake texture.
How I wished I had checked the heat.