Asian Dishes, Rice, Seafood

Fish Porridge

I am really lousy at cooking fish but occasionally I do get it right. Or, I take the easy way out. Like fish porridge!

At the market near home, I bought a few handfuls of white fish ready sliced and boneless (but with any fish you have to check and eat carefully. I found a teeny bit of bone in a slice). And so I decided to make fish porridge.

For porridge, you have to use normal rice with regular starch content. Thai jasmine is best. In a pot, I added two cups of rice to lots of water. For the fish, I seasoned with light soy, white pepper and sesame oil. For this, use white pepper. When the rice has been boiled  to porridge consistency, add the fish to the rice pot and stir carefully till cooked. I added slices of french beans for some crunch. When the porridge has reached a nice slightly thick consistency, season with lots of salt (all it’ll be totally bland!)

To serve, garnish with fried shallots, fried small ikan bilis and fresh coriander. Lots more of white pepper too! A satisfying dish that warms the heart.

season fish slices
boil rice “] add fish and beans
plain porridge for the kids

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