Somehow I stumbled upon a site which touts making your own cream cheese. And then I started googling and searching more about labneh – or strained yogurt. 

Apparently it’s a staple breakfast dish of the Arabs and hence I thought I’d try making some for the family.

The process was really simple. Just a tub of yogurt, some salt and a muslin or cheese cloth. 


pour the yogurt and salt mixture in the muslin cloth over a sieve and bowl
tie it up tightly into a ball and leave it to strain in the fridge for a day


this is after 24 hours in the fridge

roll out the mixture into a clean well covered bowl

served here with olive oil and zaatar
   Mind you, labneh is sour. I am going to try different flavoured labneh later. 

Updated the next day

Breakfast this morning…a sweet version! (It still is sour, though)